The Primo Levi Centre

The Primo Levi Centre, association of general interest, aims to provide health care and assistance for victims of torture and political violence exiled in France. Its action comprises three main tasks: curing, sharing, mobilizing.  



The care center

Without claiming to "cure" torture and the after-effects of political violence, the Primo Levi Center offers multidisciplinary care (medical, psychological, physiotherapeutic, as well as social and legal), if necessary with an interpreter, to bring physical and psychological well-being to its patients. To live finally and not just survive.

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Our training

Based on its clinical experience, the Primo Levi Center raises awareness and trains many professionals who are in contact with exiled people, in France and abroad. To do this, it manages a training center, publishes a specialized journal (Mémoires), organizes a biennial conference and regularly intervenes in academic and professional spaces.

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Raising awareness

Testifying & mobilizing

A daily witness to the effects of political violence and exile, the Primo Levi Centre carries out advocacy and awareness-raising actions alone or in a network to promote appropriate care for victims of torture and defend the right to asylum.

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The Primo levi center

The suffering, often invisible, produced by torture is complex and long-lasting. They are difficult to express by people who have survived humiliating treatments aimed at destroying them as human beings. Based on the experience gained in supporting refugees in France, the Primo Levi Centre intends to tirelessly testify to the effects of torture. It is from this ambition that the choice of the name Primo Levi was born, for its symbolic value, synonymous with the rejection of inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment.

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Help these men, women and children who have been victims of torture and political violence to rebuild themselves.


Practical information

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Maxime GUIMBERTEAU, Advocacy and Communication Manager / 01 43 14 85 03 / 06 12 12 63 94