The Primo Levi Centre welcomes people who have been victims of torture or political violence in their country of origin, regardless of their administrative status in France. Adults, children and adolescents (families or individuals) are received. Treatment is free of charge. The Primo Levi Centre receives patients by appointment only.

General practitioners, a physiotherapist and clinical psychologists (psychoanalysts) monitor patients. Free social and legal support is offered as an extension of care (this is only available to people already receiving care at the Primo Levi Centre.)

Consultations are conducted with the help of professional interpreters if the patient does not speak French or one of the languages spoken by the clinicians.

The Primo Levi Centre does not receive emergency patients: it is neither a hospital nor a psychiatric emergency unit. The Primo Levi Centre is completely independent of asylum administrators. Consequently, treatment at the Primo Levi Centre is not a compulsory stage in the asylum seeker’s journey and in no way guarantees that international protection will be granted. Specifically, it is not the role of the center’s general practitioners to issue medical certificates attesting to acts of torture.

How can I Receive Care at the Primo Levi Centre?

The Primo Levi Centre has a limited capacity and is therefore unable to accept all requests for treatment. Before requesting a consultation, please contact the Primo Levi Centre by telephone at 01 43 14 88 50 or by mail.

Depending on the response you receive, you can then fill in a consultation request form for adults or minors and return it to us by e-mail or post. Priority is given to children and adolescents, without the need for a prior appointment.