The Primo Levi Centre is an association of general interest governed by the law of 1 July 1901.

The General Meeting is made up of all members who have paid their annual subscription, including the founding members : Médecins du Monde, ACAT-France and Trêve, active members who join as individuals and associative members.

It meets once a year in ordinary session to deal with the agenda proposed by the Board of Directors, in particular the approval of the annual report and accounts for the previous year, the vote on the budget for the following year, and decisions on acts affecting the assets of the Primo Levi Centre.

Board of Directors

Made up of representatives of the three colleges and currently 17 people, the Board of Directors sets the association’s objectives and defines its strategic orientations. It also elects a Bureau from among its members, which is responsible for ensuring that the orientations and decisions of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting are implemented on an operational level. The founding associations each have two seats on the Board of Directors.

The permanent staff

The work of the Primo Levi Centre is based on the mobilisation of a permanent team of employees and volunteers. The Primo Levi Centre also regularly welcomes interns, apprentices and civic service volunteers.

Under the responsibility of the Managing Director, the Primo Levi Centre’s salaried team is made up of 25 people involved in the care and support of exiles, transmission and mobilisation.

Our partners

The Primo Levi Centre is a member of several networks with which it shares information, work and ideas, and regularly carries out advocacy work.

Promoting access to appropriate care for victims of torture

The Primo Levi Centre is a member of the Observatoire du droit à la santé des étrangers (ODSE) and a founding member of Réséda, a French-speaking network of 9 healthcare centres based in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria and Lebanon. He has also been involved in the work of the European network of rehabilitation centres for survivors of torture.

Defending the right to asylum

The lack of recognition of the suffering endured in their country of origin and/or on the migration route, and the fear of being turned back exacerbate the suffering of women, men and children who have had to flee their country. The precarious living conditions linked to their administrative situation constitute an obstacle to the care required by their state of health. The Primo Levi Centre has witnessed the effects of torture and the deterioration in reception conditions for exiles, and is committed to defending the right to asylum. It plays an active role in the work of the Coordination française pour le droit d’asile (CFDA) and is a member of InfoMIE, a resource centre for unaccompanied foreign minors.

The Primo Levi Centre is also a member of Uriopss Île-de-France (Union régionale interfédérale des oeuvres et organismes privés non lucratifs sanitaires et sociaux), which “represents to the public authorities in the Île-de-France region the collective voice of associations in the health, social and medico-social sectors, working alongside vulnerable and fragile people”. Finally, since 2022, we have been an observer member of Coordination Sud, the platform of French international solidarity associations.