The Primo Levi Centre, association of general interest, aims to provide health care and assistance for victims of torture and political violence exiled in France. Its action comprises three main tasks: curing, sharing, mobilizing.  

Statutes and Association Charter

The Primo Levi Centre’s charter, enacted in 2013, reinforces its commitments, values, principles and tasks. This charter completes the association’s statutes, renewed in 2016.

Annual Report

Relying on the three main tasks of the Primo Levi Centre (curing, sharing, and mobilizing), the annual report is the summary of the actions initiated during the year and the survey of the support (psychological, medical, legal) in France for exiled victims of torture or of political violence. All of the annual reports can be found here.

Independence and transparency

The Primo Levi Centre’s accounts are examined every year by and auditor, but also by auditors commissioned by its main lenders. The audit’s reports have always been positive and gave the opportunity to highlight the thorough management of the association.

In 2023, the Primo Levi Centre’s funding came from the following resources:

National public funding (31%)

These funds come from both the State and social organisms. The national public funding is mainly originated from the ARS (regional agency for healthcare) of Île-de-France, from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, but also from the prefecture of Île-de-France through the DRIHL (Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Housing and Accommodation). The Primo Levi Centre also receives funding from the CRAMIF (regional fund of Île-de-France for health insurance), the CPAM (Primary fund for health insurance) and from the FONJEP (contributive fund for youth and community education).

Local authorities (9%)

The Primo Levi Centre benefits from the long-term support of Paris’ City and Department, through DASES (directory of social, youth and solidarity affairs), the DDCT (Towards democracy, citizenship and territory) as well as from the Île-de-France Region.

Institutional privet funds and partner funds (26%) 

Many foundations, donation funds and companies support the Primo Levi Centre every year.

European and international funding (16%)

The European Union is one of the most important funders of the Primo Levi Centre, thanks to the Asylum, Migration, Integration Fund (AMIF).

Donations and contributions (14%)

The Primo Levi Centre can rely on the generosity and on the loyal support of its donors, as well as on the commitment of its members, of the local French ACAT groups and the French Amnesty International groups.

Earned income (4%)

The rest of the resources comprises revenue of activity (refunds of the CPAM) and of services (registration fees for trainings and symposiums, subscriptions, book sells, etc.).